Best Toddler Beds to buy

Best Toddler Beds to buy


My almost two years old recently began the whole ‘trying to escape out of the crib’ bit, and so I thought it would be a great time to change her over into a large girl’s bed. Transferring her right into a double or full sized bed will be perfect financially in the future nonetheless, distance wise, a toddler or transformed crib made sense for her space.

Toddler Bed

I originally looked into buying the toddler conversion railing for her crib, but it was 60+ and the vast majority of the testimonials were adverse. I came across that Orbelle toddler mattress in my study and was fairly excited since the cost is like buying only the 1 rail. I am so glad I chose on the toddler mattress rather than turning my small one’s crib having a toddler railing!





Instructions for meeting were simple.


My furniture building abilities are slim to none, however, I assembled the bed! You assemble the side railings, then put in the mattress slats, and complete by screwing from the headboard and footboard. The toughest part was installing the pliers because you could pop out of its top notch while I was adding the other one into its individual hole. I finally was able to put in all of the slots by beginning with the middle and working out my way on both sides. Having two individuals assemble it’d surely make the entire thing a cinch.


The mattress frame itself is quite lightweight. I am very petite and that I had no difficulty moving it about. In addition, it matches through our doors easily when fully assembled, unlike our crib. My husband (~165 pounds) put in the bed together with our kid to see bedtime stories despite my insistence he’d split it. Surprisingly the mattress did not collapse. It is fairly sturdy for the purchase price.