Fashion Angels Project Runway Tapeffiti Handbag Design Challenge

Price: $13.00 - $11.09

Want some new “arm candy?” design and create a trendy collection of fully functional and totally cool vinyl bags with this ultra-hip kit. The Project Runway Tapeffiti handbag design kit includes 2 clutch purses with hook and loop closures, 2 coin purses, 1 cosmetic bag with zip closures, 15 rolls of Tapeffiti decorative tapes, each with 9′ of tape, 3 mini tape dispensers, and easy instructions. Cover the entire purse with the colorful tape any which way, or let some of the clear vinyl show through; the creative options are endless! it’s a Super fun activity for slumber parties and birthday parties, and kids get to take home an awesome “it bag” as a party favor. For ages 8 and up. Size 10-1/2″L x 11″H x 2″W . Want some new “arm candy?” we know the answer is Yes, and you can design and build your own new trendy bag collection with the Project Runway Tapeffiti handbag design challenge. This kit comes with 2 clutch bags, 2 cosmetic bags, and 2 coin purses – all in a clear vinyl. Cover the bags with the ultra-hip Tapeffiti decorative tapes. Create a pattern and cover the entire purse, or let some of the clear vinyl show through. The creative options to make a new “it bag” are endless. This kit includes 2 clear vinyl clutch purses, 2 clear vinyl cosmetic bags, 2 clear vinyl coin purses, 15 rolls of Tapeffiti with 3 mini tape dispensers, hook and loop closure, and instructions.15 rolls of Tapeffiti decorative tapes each with 9′ of tape on a roll with 3 mini tape dispensers
In clear vinyl: 2 clutch bags, 2 cosmetic bags, and 2 coin purses
Hook and loop closer and instructions
Endless creative design options for each bag
This easy activity will create something kids and adults will want to carry and use when completed