Polaroid Draw – 3D Printing Pen / Handheld 3D Printer – Complete starter kit – Yellow

Price: $63.99

The Polaroid draw 3D printing pen is a flexible multitalented tool for any young aspiring artists. Specifically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Stylish, elegant ergonomic design, the Polaroid draw 3D pen has many unique design features that make it truly advanced in It’s Class. — the Polaroid draw Kit includes; 1x Polaroid draw 3D pen with 60 ft. Of 3D pen PLA filament in the box and 5 premium download credits. — users will enjoy free and premium downloads of stencils to enjoy with free access to a 3D gallery to get started right away! this allows boys and Girls of all ages to design, create and share with their peers. Keep the kids busy during the holiday season and on rainy days. Kids teens and parents alike, can participate in easy to follow projects with step-by-step videos and pictures. — unique features included; safety first – the auto shut-off feature puts the pen into standby mode after four minutes of inactivity. Manual override allow for instant temperature and speed control. The speed setting controls flow and allows for better control. The 3D pen has preset temperature settings for choosing material Type (PLA is recommended over ABS). variable speeds of the pen allows for better control. All information is clearly indicated on the oled LCD screen in the center of the console. — this 3D pen is intended for steam as well as for arts and crafts. The 0.7 mm nozzle allows more accuracy for specific drawings which will result in a marvelous finished product. This 3D pen is recommended for kids over 13 years of age.Polaroid drawing 3D pen for young artists – versatile Yellow printing pen, ergonomic design, unique oled lcd display
Versatile Yellow Polaroid draw 3D printing pen – auto jamming, auto eject, auto feed, ergonomic design
Polaroid advanced unique design 3D Yellow printing pen – temperature control, variable speed, versatile filament
Polaroid 3D works of art printing pen – Yellow, ergonomic design, light weight, flexible, multitalented
3D printing pen Polaroid with 1.75 mm 3D filament for kids 3D drawing, 3D craft art, 3D modelling and education