SlenderFit Fashion Orthotic-W, Black/Black, Women’s 8 – 9

Price: $18.07 - $18.62

As an orthotic insole specifically created for women, the Slender Fit has a tapered profile to fit comfortably in women’s fashion shoes such as heels, wedges, boots, sandals and more. With a unique “S” shape shell, your foot gets full arch support and heel cradling. Extra cushioning under the ball of the foot alleviates pressure for more comfort and protection when wearing heels or wedges. If you suffer from foot pain associated with wearing fashion footwear but aren’t willing to give up your style, Powerstep’s Slender Fit is for you. Powerstep has been providing the highest-quality in orthotic shoe insoles since 1992, when our founder, a podiatrist, foot surgeon and runner, saw the need for a ready-to-wear orthotic that would be more convenient and more affordable than custom-made orthotics. Our products are found in retail stores throughout the country and are the leading brand of orthotic shoe insoles prescribed by a range of medical professionals. At Powerstep, we’re committed to continuing to produce the best in orthotic shoe insoles to help reduce foot pain.Unique “S” Shaped Shell: The design of the Slender Fit cradles your heel and provides full foot arch support.
Built-in VCT (Variable Cushioning Technology): Metatarsal cushioning gives you a targeted, controlled cushion with a soft, supportive feel.
Ultra-Thin Tapered Design: The Slender Fit is made to conform to most shoe styles and the natural grip on the underside holds it firmly in place.
Anti-Microbial Top Fabric: Heat and friction are reduced, leaving feet more comfortable and healthy.
No Trimming Necessary: Move the Slender Fit from shoe to shoe easily to get cushioning and support with every outfit.