6 Modern Ways To Wear Bows Now

There are a number of stylish ways to wear a bow. These include embellished bows, ribbon headbands, and black-and-white bows. Alternatively, you can go for a simple bow design on your t-shirt, skirt, or even a simple one-piece swimsuit.

Ribbon headbands

Headbands were first popular in the early 2000s, and a resurgence in 2008 coincided with the height of Blair Waldorf’s queen bee aesthetic. Now, they’ve come back to prominence with trends like Prada and milk braids influencing their appearance on the spring 2019 runway. Kate Middleton, Chrissy Teigen, and Instagram users have all made use of headbands to add an elegant touch to their looks.

Embellished bows

Bows have been an important part of fashion since the 1800s. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy were both known for wearing hair bows on important occasions. They have also been a popular choice for celebrities on the red carpet. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and at all price ranges. Adding an accessory to your style can really elevate your overall look and boost your self-confidence.

Black-and-white bows

Bows are having a pretty fashion moment thanks to new trends and modern designs. Bows are becoming more sophisticated and are now available in a variety of colours and sizes. From oversized to teeny tiny, modern bows can be worn for daytime and evening occasions.


Scrunchies are hair accessories that are worn in place of a bow. They’re a great way to accessorize your hair while still maintaining the style and elegance of a classic bow. A wide-bow scrunchie is a great eye-catcher at a social gathering or party.

Embroidered bows

Embroidered bows have a vintage feel, but they’re also made from modern materials. The material used in this style of bow is typically silk or organza. Using embroidery thread, you can make your own unique designs, and you can even have them embroidered with a name or a sweet symbol.

Oversized bows

Oversized bows are no longer just for the seventies. Many kids under the age of eleven now wear them in public. They’re an easy way to show off your style and make a statement. The key is to choose the right size for your shape and body type.

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