The 3 Beauty Trends That Are Taking Over London Right Now

Beauty Trends: Spring fashion is all about skin. This season’s makeup trends are all about laminated skin, which imitates sweaty skin. This new trend is becoming a hot favorite of makeup artists. It’s a great way to look younger and fresher, while still looking beautiful and healthy.

ecommerce Beauty Trends

Ecommerce is becoming a popular way to buy beauty products online. With the rise of e-commerce, consumers can purchase almost any product from the comfort of their own home. Ecommerce stores offer the convenience of same-day delivery and a wide variety of products. Consumers can browse their favourite brands and discover new ones online. However, the growth of ecommerce is not without risks. While some companies have embraced this trend, others may not be able to sustain the business.

Men’s grooming

The world of men’s grooming is booming. The sales of men’s grooming products are rising at a healthy rate, with a margin of 5%. This trend is driven by the fact that men are increasingly conscious about their appearance, as exemplified by the popularity of TikTok nail polish.

Bleached eyebrows

Once considered a trend that only the most extreme women can pull off, bleached eyebrows are now mainstream and incredibly flattering. The bleaching technique gives the eyebrows a pale, pastel color with an ethereal or slightly alien effect. However, the technique does have its drawbacks. For instance, it contains lead, which has a negative impact on hair and can cause death if applied incorrectly.

Self-care products

The growing popularity of self-care products in the UK has led to a surge in stores around the capital. However, the reality of what goes into self-care products can be quite a harsh one. Many people simply assume that the products they use are good for the environment, but this is not always the case.

Online shopping

In the U.K., beauty retailers are embracing the online experience. With the infrastructure to make online shopping fast and easy, customers can now buy products without leaving the comfort of their own home. Plus, retailers like Next are opening their doors to a huge online selection of brands. With this growth comes the rise of indie premium British brands.

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